I heard about Cohen’s Weight Loss Clinic from a friend who lost weight quickly on the program and was looking fantastic. She also mentioned she had done some weight loss coaching so I decided to go along to an information session to find out more. I was extremely overweight and unhappy but having lost weight before on different diets and putting it back on over time, I knew for me, it was essential to get my head in the game, as well as eat differently if I was going to not only shed the weight but keep it off for good. I always knew I was going address my weight issue again, it was just a matter of when because I needed to be in the right head space and do it for me, no one else.

The combination of weight loss coaching and the Cohen’s Program was it for me. I was extremely daunted at the start when I heard what my goal weight was. I honestly wasn’t sure I could do it. But my consultants were fabulously supportive and they knew I could do it, so I just decided to start.

I found the program very straight forward and easy to follow because I made up my mind ONCE at the beginning, to do it properly with no deviations. It was more money than I have ever invested in myself but that helped me to commit to the program. And the funny things is, I saved SO much money on my grocery bills that it really wasn’t a big cost at all in the end. In fact, it probably paid for itself. Plus, making the decision to invest in myself and my health was a very important mental step for me to take. I had to decide I AM WORTH IT.

I began my Cohen’s Program on the 9th of October and started Maintenance on the 19th of March. During that 5 months, I had holidays interstate, Christmas parties, birthday parties, family gatherings and celebrations, weekends away, and LOTS of temptations and reasons to have a break, cheat or deviate. But I never wanted to. I packed my scales, hit the shops whenever I landed at my destination and I made it work. I even lost 6 to 7 kilograms over Christmas when everyone else usually stacks it on. I was steadfast in my resolve and I had learnt to acknowledge and be curious about my thoughts and emotions but not to let them make the decisions on what food I ate.

I was never hungry whilst on the program. Most of the time my meals looked way more appetising than those of the people around me and I have learnt to listen to my body. The Cohen’s Program does require commitment. If you want to shed nearly 36 kilograms in 5 months, then I think that is worth the effort. I did a lot of planning, cooking and preparation and we chose not to go out much over this time, however I knew it was a very small time to make a few sacrifices that would change my life in the end.

I feel completely different about myself now. I understand so much more about the impact that food and alcohol was having on my body. I have reframed how I view treating myself and I am loving the freedom to wear clothes I never thought I could from stores I never even felt brave enough to go into. The Cohen’s Program has given me a healthy lifestyle change, a formula to follow, more energy, confidence and peace of mind and probably added 20 years to my life. What is not to love?

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