Georgia Before and After

My partner and I feel totally transformed after completing Dr Cohen’s Weight Loss Program.

My relationship with food, along with my capacity to make responsible choices have improved so, so much. Both of us rarely eat bread anymore, choosing low carb, gluten free or alternative plant/vegetable based substitutes. We’ve discovered a huge amount of products through our food re-education. Konjac noodles, cauliflower based, almond or coconut milks are just a few of the huge range of substitutes we now utilise.

We are looking forward to incorporating gym routines back into our lives (although a bit hard during the winter when we both work full time and chase around a toddler). We both enjoy mountain bike riding or walking and being in nature now as a weekend activity too.

It was certainly one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done, but up with the most rewarding too! I have lost almost 16 kilograms in just 12 weeks, and after wearing size 14/16 most of my adult life, I now fit into a size 8. This has given me a world of confidence.

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