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  • You get a highly Personalised Program, backed by years of scientific and medical research, made specifically for you.
  • It’s a lifestyle, not a diet, which makes you lose weight rapidly in a healthy way.
  • You get expert advice from our passionate and experienced team of consultants.
  • You become part of the exclusive Cohen community that can support you on your journey to health.
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How It Works

Using food to address the hormonal imbalance is the safest and most natural way to lose weight.

Dr Cohen only ‘prescribes’ foods tested, to allow the body to do what it is naturally designed to do, which is to burn fat.

With the right combination and quantities of foods, your hormonal imbalance can be targeted, you will lose weight fast and your weight can be controlled successfully.

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How To Start

  • Complete the application form online
  • Have the required blood tests
  • Dr Cohen creates your Personalised Eating Plan
  • Start your new lifestyle!
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