One of the biggest problems we see with some of our clients is not taking consistent action over a longer period of time.

Consistency is not really the most exciting word, but we all know that with time, it’s what will give us real results in our life. Sticking with your personal Eating Plan and doing it consistently – not just when you feel inspired or your health declines – is very powerful and it will get you somewhere!

Here are a few things that may help you with this:

Remind yourself EVERY DAY why you’re taking action

We find it easy to know the ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘where’… but the most important thing is the ‘why’! Work out your main reasons for ‘why’ you’re changing your eating habits and lifestyle permanently.

  • Why are you on this journey?
  • Why is it important for you to reach your health goals?
  • Why is it important to lose the weight?

You might say you are putting yourself first, to feel better about yourself, improve your health or have more energy to enjoy life. Think really deep about your answers, you want more than just surface level reasons.

To make sure you don’t lose track of why you are taking action and to stay focused, take the time to write down your top reasons and put that note where you can see it every day. Yes, it may take some time to determine your true motivations, but if the ‘why’ hits hard, then that is good. Go on… do it now or you won’t do it at all!

Do it for YOURSELF

When you disappoint yourself and don’t think and do as you really deep down want to, you lower your self-esteem. Whatever you do in your day sends signals back to yourself about what kind of person you are. Do the right thing like being effective, kind, preparing your meals in advance or simply take time out to rest and you will feel good.

If you get lazy, negative or just plain mean, you will feel worse after a while. You cannot get away, there is no escaping yourself! There is always a price to pay, so this is a powerful motivator to become a better person and be kind to yourself, we are not always perfect. This way you can be positive and stay on track. After all… YOU are totally worth it!

Take smaller steps if you need to

Some days getting started with everything that needs to be organised and prepared may seem daunting and you start to procrastinate. When that happens, nudge yourself forward rather than beating yourself up.

First focus on doing some of the small and simple preparations you can do. Or make a deal with yourself, just do 30 minutes of organisation and preparation for your first few meals. This will sometimes result in a few dents put into a big task and a couple of smaller things being completed for the day. Sometimes the easy start or restart to the day is all you need to get going again and to have a good and successful day. Either way, move forward instead of standing still.

Make the changes now, discover your ‘why’ and start working towards a healthier you!

Reach out if we can help.

The Cohen’s Team x

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