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What makes Dr Cohen's diet Program and his work so unique?

This diet Program is unique because it is based on your blood test results. Your Eating Plan is a specifically tailored Program for your body's needs and will work for you the best. It is based on many years of research and a data bank of many thousands of diet Programs and their results. Dr Cohen is a specialist not only in the field of nutrition but also in fertility and hormones. Read more about Dr Cohen and his research here.

What do our services include?

Dr Cohen analyses your blood test and based on your blood profile, prepares a diet Program that will help your body rid itself of excess fat, without making you weak or hungry. This is achieved by using the food in your kitchen, with no additional cost for special and expensive food supplements or pills. Furthermore, throughout your diet Program, your consultant will support you with any issue or concerns you raise. When you are close to your body's natural goal weight Dr Cohen will prepare an individual Refeeding Program for you. The Refeeding Program will take you off your Eating Plan gradually and ensure that the weight you lost is lost forever. Your consultant will then go through some important Management Guidelines with you. 

Is the diet Program calorie or kilojoules based?

No. The specific food types, quantities and combinations Dr Cohen prescribes are what are important.

Is this a high protein diet?       

No. The diet Program consists of food from all the different groups. It is a balanced Eating Plan.

Why are blood tests necessary?

Your diet Program is based on your blood test results, not blood type. The blood tests allow an analysis of certain aspects of your system which in turn indicates what is required to get your body hormones back in balance. This approach therefore designs a treatment unique to your requirements and it will 'trigger' your HGH and result in quick weight loss and other health benefits.

The number of repeat blood tests required depends on how much weight you need to lose and how closely you follow your diet Program. They are required at 4, 12, 16 and 20 weeks and every 8 weeks thereafter.

Must I exercise while on the diet Program?

No, if you do not exercise now do not start, especially if you are very overweight. You can start when you are healthier, but always in moderation. If you do exercise at present, we recommend you continue, but in moderation. Listen to your body, if it hurts or burns or your appetite increases dramatically, you are doing too much exercise and rather cut back just for the short period that you are on your diet Program.

Can I give my diet Program to my family and friends to follow?

Your unique Eating Plan will not "trigger" another person's body into correcting its imbalance. It may well cause even more imbalance and illness! In some cases of 'copying' we have come across people who have initially lost weight, but gained it very rapidly when going off the diet Program. Once again, because the treatment was not meant for them and as a result their HGH had not been 'triggered'. 

How long will I have to be on the diet Program?

That depends on a number of factors. For example: Your blood profile, your age, and your gender, the amount of weight you have to lose and how closely you follow your diet Program. Recorded statistics suggest 90% of women lose 7 or more kilograms in their first 4 weeks and that all women lose 17 or more kilograms in 12 weeks. Note: males lose weight even faster!

How do I know how much weight I need to lose?

In the same way that a 'general diet' is not ideal for your body, a general 'Weight Calculator' cannot determine your exact target weight. You can work out an approximate goal weight on our Goal Weight Calculator, however your body will give you signs when it is at its natural goal weight and this is when you are at your metabolic equilibrium and ready for the Refeeding Program.

Will I be able to live normally again without constant dieting for the rest of my life?

It is highly unlikely that you will need this diet Program ever again, if you follow your Eating Plan and do the Refeeding Program to stabilise your weight. It is a lifestyle change, not a 'diet' and you have a medical condition that can be controlled using the information you learn whilst on your diet Program.

What is the Refeeding Program?

The final stage of your treatment is called the Refeeding Program. It takes place at the end of your diet Program where the body has achieved 'balance' and you have lost the fat/weight. This 2 to 4 week Refeeding Program is when the so called 'bad foods' are re-introduced and portions are increased without 'shocking the body'. You are also given healthy Management Guidelines that will prevent you from starting the cycle of the 'Obesity Syndrome' again.

Are there people that should not do the diet Program or may not be suitable?

  • Under the age of 15 years
  • Over the age of 65 years (there are exceptions)
  • People with serious heart conditions
  • People with kidney problems
  • People with liver problems
  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding, if the breast milk is the sole source of nutrition for the infant
  • Diabetics on insulin or high doses of medication
  • Vegans
  • Other conditions or physical impairments

Dr Cohen will assess each client's medical history and details and/or blood test results to establish their suitability to do his Program.

There are many 'diet fads' today. Why should this be the one I do?

There are many weight loss diet plans out there and in most cases the clients who come to us have already tried everything. You are free to choose, but the many thousands of successful clients Dr Cohen has had over the past 25 years, is ample proof that this is not another 'diet fad'. Dr Cohen's diet Program is based on an internationally accepted medical research and sound facts. It stimulates the hormones with specific food combinations and quantities, so that the body starts burning its own fat and uses the food you give it properly. The body corrects the chemical balance naturally, so there are no synthetic elements in the diet Program - Everything is based on your body, its current profile and basic food to become healthy…Your food becomes your 'medicine'. It is a simple, inexpensive solution to a complex, and sometimes lifelong, problem!

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