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I have only just started the program (1 week in) with a few hiccups to start with I have still manag... more »
- mother of three Adelaide - Karen

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  • A Program Based on Medical Research
    Programs are based on International Medical Research which was started in the USA, Europe and South Africa by Dr Cohen and his medical research partners
  • Many Years of Success
    Dr Cohen’s diet Program has been available for over 25 years, with many thousands of successful clients from all over the world
  • Your Program Is Individually Worked Out As You Are Unique
    Dr Cohen personally works out your diet Program which is based on the bio-chemical profile of your blood, which is unique to you. You are unique, so your ‘treatment’ must be unique too!
  • Rapid, but Healthy Weight Loss
    The Program is called a ‘Rapid Fat and Weight Loss Diet’. It helps you rapidly reduce fat and overall weight in a safe and healthy way, while firming muscles and toning and shaping the body!
  • A Balanced Eating Program
    It is not calorie based, neither a high protein diet. It is a balanced Eating Plan using food from all the food groups. You may eat all types of food on the diet Program, including various types of red/white meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and dairy products such as egg, cheese and yoghurt
  • Food Becomes Your Medicine
    Food is the only thing you take... No injections, tonics, diet pills or meal replacements, simply the food already in your kitchen. Your food becomes your ‘medicine’ so the quantities and combinations are very important


  • Massive and rapid weight loss (the average monthly weight loss on the diet Program could be between 7 and 15 kilograms)
  • Increased firmness and muscle tone
  • No hunger pangs or cravings
  • Increased energy levels and vitality
  • Decrease in appearance of cellulite
  • Lowering of high blood pressure
  • Reduced levels of cholesterol
  • Improved skin elasticity and slowing of the ageing process
  • Improved fertility
  • Increased ability to cope with stress
  • Increased overall health and wellbeing

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Warning: Beware of imitations!

Unfortunately, like any good thing that works, many people over the years have tried to copy Dr Cohen's work and diet Program. All of them have failed because they do not have access to his years of research results and special analysis techniques. So please be careful about claims of "ours is similar to Dr Cohen's diet." Your health is not worth the risk!
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We are all unique and lose weight at a different rate; it depends on how your body responds to the treatment and of course how carefully you follow your Eating Plan. 

After just four weeks: 

10% of clients lose less than 7kgs

70% of clients lose between 7 – 10kgs

20% of clients lose between 10 – 20kgs


After just twelve weeks:

12% of clients lose between 17 - 20kgs

60% of clients lose between 20 – 27kgs

28% of clients lose between 27 – 35kgs

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