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When I first went to the clinic I was shocked at the weight I had to loose. I was worried it was too... more »
- Converted (Victoria)

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Cloths did not fit, plane seats too tight, bed squashed, toilets too small, blood pressure 180/140,bone joints always sore, no energy, always tired and exhausted. That was Feb 23, 2002. The next day I commenced the Cohens program via Dowerin clinic. I was 230 kg, 47 years of age, with 2.4m waist & 1.9m chest. In 2 weeks I lost 19kg, 5 months 80 kg and by Xmas 02, 125 kg, to my goal weight of 105kg. I had reduced my bulk by nearly 3 metres, with 1.4m off my waist.Blood pressure is 110/70 and no more pills. Its now May05 and I have maintained my weight, with ease. This program was a total life style change for me. I feel as if I am 35 again.... I have tried them all and this is the one. It will change you for ever. I can do it and so can you.
Thanks Patricia and Dr Cohen

Source: John Mepham- Country Western Australia

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