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I started the program the day after my sons first birthday (Aug 05). I lost 13Kg, in 8 Weeks I was e... more »
- Full time worker, mum of bub and wife of husband(Nerangba, Brisbane)

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I never thought I could lose weight, not this much so fast. I have been big all my life and at 24 thought I'd give Dr Cohans diet a go. I had a cousin who had lost 20kg in a few months with the diet and I couldn't believe it, results spoke for themselve. I started Dr Cohans 4 months ago and have lost 40kg!!! I still have 15kg to go, I will be half the size I was when I started. AMAZING, I never thought it was possible.. It has completely changed my life. I have never been happier!!!

Source: 24 year old woman

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