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I am currently 2 weeks on the program and already lost 9.8 kilograms need to lose 42 kilograms and s... more »
- 44yo Mother of 3

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I am a 43 year old single mother of 2 boys. Being tall, it has always been easy to hide a "few" extra kilograms. Those "few" kilograms eventually crept up to a point where I was 20 kilograms overweight.

Inspired by a friend who lost 45 kilograms on Dr Cohen's Program and has kept if off for 2 years, I have been following my Cohen's Eating Plan for 2 weeks now and I have already lost 8.1 kilograms! I feel great, my skin looks good, I find the Program easy to follow and my previously too tight jeans are now loose on me!! 12 kilograms to go - Bring it on!

Source: Mother of Two - Western Australia

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