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Hi all, well here we all are empowering ourselves and loving every bit of it. We are amazing people... more »
- mum of 3 lover of 1 (nthwst) WA

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Like others I was a little curious as to what this program was all about. I have done what most of us have done, try to lose weight, then reward myself with food then beat myself up over yet another gain. Trying something different was the way to go for me, so I quietly went about having an information session, then the blood test, received my program and have not looked back, without saying too much to anyone (not even my sister)! This is mainly because so many times I have tried and failed miserably.

I would have to say that in the 5 weeks I have been on Dr Cohen's program I have not been hungry and the best bit is I have lost 7.5 kilos. There is no deviation, just do what you have to do and see the results - I still have lots to go, but am staying focused to the bitter end :-)

Source: Paula - Sydney

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