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- Amazed 2010

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I've just turned 50 and thought "Well that's it, no chance of ever being slim now, why bother?" I've been overweight since I was 12, dieting since I was 17 and stuck in a rut. I've been on weight watchers, kilo club, herbal life, detox diets, Israeli diet etc...but with limited results and no lasting success. For years I have run and exercised and thought I ate well but could never shift the weight. I found myself on the treadmill just to stop the kilos piling on more, but never loosing much weight and instead wore myself out. Started avoiding social occasions, limited to what I can wear, feeling fatigued and unattractive etc... I was feeling very depressed about my weight.

I started Cohen's at 68.6kg with a goal weight of 49kg. At the start of week 3, I weigh 64.2kg - so 10lbs lost without running! I have found Cohen's easy to do but you must follow the plan precisely and you will achieve the results you want. Today I feel much better, clothes are looser, mood brighter, skin glowing, more energy, not hungry and no cravings.15kg to go until 49kg which I haven't been since I was 18 and I will get there! Give it a go, I am!

Source: Karen - Christchurch NZ

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