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My fiance and I have put on over 10 kilos each since going out (they tell me that this is what happens when you are content!!) Well we are no longer content with how we feel about ourselves and are getting married in a few months. I have tried to go to the gym like I have done in the past to lose the weight, but seem to have lost the drive and interest that I use to have for it.

We both want to look and feel healthy and happy on our special day and so we decided to start the Cohens program together. The first day was challenging .. as we both suffered from headaches and my fiance was extremely hungry. It's now day three and we both feel much better. The program so far has made him realise just how much unnecessary food he has been putting into his body. We are in it to the end and are so glad that we are doing it together. I have around 14kgs to lose and he has around 16kgs. We can't wait to lose our excess baggage (weight) and start this new chapter of our life as a happy, healthy and fit couple. We are very excited!!

Source: Bride & Groom in SA

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