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I have been on my Eating Plan for exactly 2 weeks today and I have lost 5kgs! I am so happy and exci... more »
- Single and 30yrs

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I am 165cm tall began end of January 2008 at a weight of 89kg and to date have lost a total of 10kg = 79kg over a period of 6 weeks.
I am fitting back into some of my pre-wedding and pre-baby clothes and feeling great about myself. I have always had a weight problem in my life and after having my baby, put on about 10kg. I lost 6kg before starting Cohen's, but hadn't been able to get further than that. Cohen's has helped me to see my food in a different light, and I can see the results which gives me the motivation to continue. I have so much more energy and my irritable bowel syndrome doesn't bother me anymore. My goal is to get to 65kg. Thank you Cohen's!

Source: 26 yr old Tasmania

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