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I have been on the program for 6 weeks now and I have lost over 12 kgs and 44cm. I started the program at 85kg and am now almost 71 kg. This is a great program which really works. I have found it easy and simple to manage. I have given myself 4 months to lose almost 30kgs to get to my ideal weight and I know I will get there. I just wish I knew about this years ago. Anyone who is overweight I recommend it. It is not difficult particularly if you are prepared to give up the cappuccinos and alcohol for a limited period of time. I don't worry about the recipes I just throw the chicken or fish in the oven and veges in the microwave or have them raw. My husband and kids know that for a few months their meals may not be as exciting as before, but so what, they are all very supportive. If you are overweight contact Cohen's for your personal eating plan...the results will come and the lifestyle change will just follow from the new awareness of the foods and quantities you should eat. Thanks Cohen's.

Source: Mother of five (Griffith)

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