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My start weight was 77.4kg and today I weigh 61.6kg and I feel AMAZING! My old size 16 jeans fall to... more »
- Rural Nurse

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Hi, I was 42yo when I joined the Cohen's program in 2006 I lost 42kg. I have 2 little girls (5 & 6) and wanted to do more with them but was just so big and lazy. I needed to do something. I have finished the programme for 12months and still feel great..(My husband thinks so too. ha ha) I will never be her again. I now know what I have to do to maintain my weight ,so I just do it, I feel too good not to. For those on the programme " soldier on", for those who are thinking about joining ,stop making excuses and just do it, you won't be sorry!!!

Source: mothe of 3 (two little girls and 1 husband)

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