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I have been on the diet for 3 weeks and have lost a staggering 6.6 kilos.... more »
- Sally NSW

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Hi all. My story began in May 2007 when I began Cohen's after seeing a friend lose weight. I joined wanting to believe this program would work for me - and it has!!! Other programs of calorie/point counting, eating soups, prepackaged food etc were not successful for me and I believe taught me nothing about how much food and what type of food my body needed. I don't miss chocolate, lollies, chips etc all the foods I used to crave and "budget" for in previous "diets". I began weighing 104 KG and wearing a size 24 sack!!! Today I went shopping and got an outfit 1/2 that size. I purchased a size 12!!! WOW WOW WOW - I have lost 30 plus KG in 19 weeks and feel fantastic. I now weigh 69KG. My feet no longer ache, my knees now bend without the feeling that they are going to snap, I can climb the stairs without puffing, I can kick the footy with my children without it being an effort etc..
I have had people walk past me and not speak as they didn't recognise me ( I actually have to look twice in the mirror to check that it is me!!!) People have been paying me the most wonderful complements but the best thing is that I feel well, I could say I feel radiant!!!! I sleep like a baby, have sparkling eyes, shinny hair, glowing skin, have endless amounts of energy and am ON TOP OF THE WORLD. If you are a bit of a non believer (as I was) give it a go. I have lost 30 plus KG and have a new confidence and zest for life. Go Cohen's!!!!

Source: One Happy Girl

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