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I have been on this awesome program for 6 weeks and have lost 17 kilograms. It is the best and easie... more »
- Kalgoorlie Mum

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Amazingly I have lost 36kg and 120cm in 23 weeks!! I kid you not, I have the entire town talking. I have gone from a size 24 to a size 14. Its awesome - I get a whole new wardrobe every other week. I have gone from shopping only online and in plus size shops to OMG I didn't even know there were so many places to shop!! Whats more, I have heard more pickup lines in the past month or so than a boat full of sailors. But none of that matters. For every kilo I have lost, I have gained a better insight about my health, body and how it all works. I used to suffer from arthritis, shin splints, headaches, constant diarrhea, mood swings and chronic period pain (the list is endless). In fact the latter occasionally ended in shots of pethidine to add some kind of "normality" to my 14 days of agony every 3 - 4 weeks. Now I am as regular as clockwork - every 28 days - for four days and no pain. I no longer have troubles with my joints, shins; no more headaches, no more mood swings; and better still - no more drugs to keep me "normal". Changing my looks and my weight is one thing, but thanks to Dr Cohen, Tricia and Ken, I have changed things in my life, that I never dreamed were possible - The things that prevented me from living a real life.

Source: Party Animal - WA

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