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After 1st week on program, I can say I've lost 4.6 kg and 31cm!! Excited to keep going!!! more »
- Mum of 2 and wife - Canberra

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Christmas 2006 my grandsons wanted grandpa to come and kick the footy with them. Grandpa at 59 years old and 149kg could hardly bend over and pick up the footy, let alone kick it. Trying diets of various kinds over a good many years with limited or no success, going to gyms and getting home so tired I couldn't do anything else for the rest of the day - I determined to get some weight off no matter what. At work I looked straight past someone I worked with for many years but hadn't for some time as she was now working on a different floor. I didn't recognise her, she was a shadow of her former self and looked radiant and full of life. I asked what she had done and she introduced me to Cohen's via the website. I sent off for the details and on 24 February 2007, I started my Personal Eating Plan. Now at almost 6-months down the track I am down to 111kg and still losing. My waist has gone from 143cm down to 117cm. My old clothes are now unwearable, my wedding ring which I was going to have cut off because of a skin rash, now almost falls off by itself. I have kept my pair of 143cm jeans just to remind myself to keep focussed and stay on track. I took them to show to my very supportive consultant in Geelong and they were all amazed at the difference made in less than 6 months. I have a "before" photo, but don't want to take an "after" photo till the 12 month plan is finished. I feel so much better in general, more energy, can actually run and kick the footy now! Everyone who knew me before remarks on the incredible change in such a short time. I will "hang in there" for the full 12 plan and do not ever want to go back to where I was last Christmas. My goal weight on my plan is 82kg - not too sure about that at the moment, but want to get to at least 90-95kg and stay there. Went and bought some new clothes last weekend and it really felt so good to wear something that actually fits well straight off the rack, with no alterations required.
I am the only one in my house on the plan (at the moment) and I do my own cooking and meals preparation. I laugh at all the "Biggest Loser" shows, I've lost more than all of them in half the time.
Advice - if a 59 year old grandpa can do it, anyone can.


Source: Grandpa from Hoppers Crossing, Victoria.

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