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I have been on my Cohen's Eating Plan for 8 weeks now and I have lost 18.6kg!! Feeling great and lov... more »
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I started out at 130kgs on 24 Nov 2006. Currently I am 72kgs on 2 Aug 2007. I am 8kgs from my target weight of 64kgs. I am so happy sticking to my Eating Plan. I look forward to each meal. I have recently discovered herbal teas are great to warm you in winter. I am so delighted with my results. I spent 5 months prior to starting the program- getting the right mind set- having the belief that I can do it! Now I look back and feel that preparation has contributed to my success, to be loyal to my program. I encourage everyone to keep focused and believing that your food is indeed your medicine & it tastes sooooo gooooood to be alive and healthy!

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