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I started the year 2009 looking in the mirror saying "what happened to you?" I had gained and lost ... more »
- Thin Lizzy - Queenstown NZ

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I have been following the Cohen diet for 6.5 months and lost 45 kilograms and 157 centimetres. I used to suffer from high blood pressure and did not ovulate at all. I am now ovulating on my own and no longer taking any medication for high blood pressure as it does not exist anymore! What a wonderful diet, it will be a sin not to share my success story with the world because it is NEVER too late to turn around (even if it feels that it is too late) and lose those extra kilograms. It is so easy with this diet as you never feel hungry! Thanks Dr Cohen for changing my life, I will let you know as soon as I fall pregnant (I have been waiting for 6 years now) because I know it will be possible now because my body is ready thanks to you!!

Source: Anita Boshoff (Lichtenburg SA)

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