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My cholesterol dropped from 9 to 3. My blood pressure is normal for the first time in 8 years and I ... more »
- Financial Executive/Sportsman - London, UK

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I have only been on the program for 5 days and I have to say I am feeling better for it. The first three days were the hardest for me as I had to change a lot of things, for one increasing my water intake from one glass a day to 2 to 3 litres ;-D at the moment I manage to drink 2lts a day. Adjusting my portion size was probably my next big change which I did initially find difficult but now only 5 days in and it feels like I have been doing it for ages and it is sooooo easy. I did not seem to suffer from hunger pains or headaches as such in the first few days as I was told you may which I am very thankful for. This program is very very easy to follow and I find it is no harder or longer to prepare your meals than if you were not following the program. I feel great and am on the way to losing 30 kilograms, which I can see happening with Dr Cohen's.

Source: Mum and Wife (Moree)

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