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I have just started and I have lost 17 kilograms in 3 weeks! ....and I have no more back pain. more »
- Feeling great - Huntingdale, Australia

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I am just going into week 16, and have lost a total of 33 kilograms to date and a 48.7 inches. Still 100% committed to getting to my goal and definately a lifestyle change. What keeps me going are the comments, and this website. I still have 19 kilograms to go. My husband is a great support and so are my kids, even though they can sit and eat Macca's in front of me it does not worry me one bit, I am not even tempted. My biggest challenge if I can call it that is my week in Sydney, we leave 24th October, just more of an inconvenience more than anything, but I am sure I will be fine. Also I must admit I have been weighing myself every week, I just cant help myself, and from this week my friend and I are giving our scales to a friend to hold, so now I have to wait for 4 weeks, I just have to rely on my good old faithful measuring tape till then. I will update you when I am into week 20. Yay!! I can not wait to jump back on my scales.

Source: Shireen (Kalgoorlie)

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