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I have been doing Cohen's for only 4 days and already I feel a difference, I am not even hungry, hop... more »
- Aussie

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Well I have just started my 32nd week on the program and I did not ever think I could make it this far 45 kilograms lighter and 158 centimetres smaller what can I say. My doctor wishes all her diabetic, overweight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure patients could do what I have done. I too look in the mirror and have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming I can not remember ever being this small I have gone from wearing a size 24 to 26 tops and size 22 to 24 pants to 10 to 12 pants and 12 to 14 tops. I have so much energy it is scary and I only have 2 kilograms to go. What a life changing experience this has been. THANK YOU DR COHEN for giving me a new start to my life and thank you Bronwyn on the Sunshine Coast for all your support and encouragement.

Source: Nearly there - Greatful Mum (Queensland)

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