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I am into week 12 of my program, and so far I have lost 26 kilograms and 40.7 inches total. My husband is very proud of me, and I must say I am proud of myself as well. This honestly has been the easiest program I have been on. I have friends who have joined, so its really nice to keep each other motivated and encouraged. People look at us and the program just sells itself. Its such an awsome feeling. I keep positive and I am very focused, I keep a list of little goals I want to achieve and I tick them off as I reach them. I also treat myself to a head massage for every 10 kilos I lose, now that in itself is worth it. I also love to jump on this site as this is also a great encouragement, so please keep these testimonies coming in.

Source: Shireen (Kalgoorlie)

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