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I've lost 30kg in 17 weeks! I still think it takes iron-clad willpower to stick to this program, ... more »
- Slimmer from Outback NSW

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Hi. I have been on the program for 4 weeks and lost 10.3 kilograms. I am so excited. After being overweight for most of my life. What I now weigh is the least I have weighed in years. It is so easy. My girlfriend who did the program told me it would be, you will never feel hungry she said. Well I have not ever felt hungry. This is the best easiest program ever. I still have a fair way to go. But with my now renewed energy and excitement I am SURE I will succeed. My 5 year old was so disappointed when I did not try one of his chocolate cakes he made. But he said to me "Mum you just want to be able to run fast like me right?" If that is not motivation nothing is. He has promised to make me some when I am the NEW me. With my pants getting a little big. I am on the way. To every body doing this program. CONGRATULATIONS I am sure its going to the best decision EVER :)

Source: Mum of 2 adorable little children (Victoria)

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