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I went into the programme skeptically and after 2.5 months I've lost 18kg! I have tons of energy and... more »
- Chelsea - Singapore

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My doctor could not believe my results.... I have an under-active thyroid which was climbing with even being on thyroxine. My dosage climbing higher along with my weight and cholesterol reaching an all time high of 9...eek. Now my results after one month on the program dropped dramatically. Down to the low end of the healthy range. My doctor had to check the results twice, she had NEVER seen results drop so dramatically so quickly.

My weight is dropping off, 12 kilograms in 7 weeks and that was with a week of deviation. My husband has lost 16 kilograms. Thank you Sue from East Brisbane clinic. Sue is very supportive and full of fabulous advice. And she is proof this works as well....she did the program.

Source: Fit, Healthy and Happy (Brisbane Qld)

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