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After having my two children I just couldn't shift the weight that I had put on. It wasn't alot, but enough to make me feel uncomfortable, not fit into any of my clothes and lose my confidence. I tried so many diets, but seemed to always slip back into bad habits before I had made much impact. It seemed to be a case of four kilos off, four kilos back on. A friend of mine went on the Cohens diet and I was amazed at her results. I decided to also do it, at first I was concerned about the cost, but when you take into account the cost of a gym membership and also the amount of money you save on not eating as much and not buying alcohol, I think that I have actually saved money, or at least come out even. Anyway, when I started I was 63 kilos and now, four weeks later I am down to 55 kilos and about to start my refeeding program. I cannot express how much better I feel about myself, how much I am enjoying buying new clothes and fitting into my old clothes. The comments that I am getting are just so wonderful I think that I have a constant smile on my face. The diet was so easy, I was only hungry for about the first three days, and then I wasn't famished, just hungry. I have found a couple of challenges with a wedding that I had to go to as well as a food and wine festival, but I am so determined and am getting such great results that the temptation wasn't too great. I just had a couple glasses of sprite zero in a wine glass and enjoyed the company of the people I was with rather then the food. I would also spend the money that I would have spent on wine and food and taxi on a new top to wear to the occasion. Thank you so much Lisa and the Hobart Clinic!!! and of course Dr Cohen. Why didn't I find out about this sooner!

Source: Mother of Two

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