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Well, I am your typical emotional eater. Well I was until 3 days ago. My story begins 2 years ago ... more »
- Emotional Eater (South Africa)

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I have been on many different diets, with some or no lasting results, my friend started the Dr Cohens Diet so I watched and waited, and sure enough it was working and quickly. I always would start a diet and expect instant results but alas it never happened but with the Cohens Diet I have found that with instant results it gives me motivation, I love the way i'm looking, I can go into a normal shop and buy normal sized cothes. I have been on the Dr Cohens Diet for 15 weeks and lost 23kg and also lost 94cms, I feel great, I feel confident, I still have 17kgs to go but I will do it, I am going to finish this diet and feel so proud of myself, I have already put orders in for my birthday, clothing vouchers or money to buy new clothes with, can't wait.
Stop thinking about it and just do it, you won't regret it.

Source: Mother of 3 (Western Australia, Geraldton)

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