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This week is the start of week 5 for me and I have lost 10.2 kilograms. Awesome! more »
- Party Animal (WA)

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I am so very happy that I undertook the Lifestyle diet. I had struggled for years and years, hardly ever daring to eat as I just piled on the kilos. Not that I ever sat down and ate bundles of lollies, chips or the like! I also used to ride horses in shows/dressage and survived on one banana three times daily, how I did this I cannot now imagine. The weight seemed to pile on for no apparent reason. Then I went to a meeting about the Lifestyle diet and although very sceptical, decided to give it a try. The best decision I ever made! It was a great investment in my health as I was borderline diabetic and above the age usually accepted. Anyway I got to a size 10 and WOW, wasn't I thrilled - also my husband was estatic for me - he was a great support throughout. I have been riding/training show horses for over 30 years and needed to be lighter in weight. Now I made it, and that was 12 months ago! Still training horses though, just breaking in a youngster thanks to the diet.

Source: Older Housewife/mother and horse trainer.

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