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I struggled from one diet to another. I heard about this eating plan and started it 2 months ago. I ... more »
- Mother of 3 (South Africa)

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Merle's Dream Came True Losing 55kg

Merle I have been overweight all of my life. The most I have weighed is 130kgs. I thought I had tried every diet known to man and came to the conclusion that I was always going to be overweight, that to thi... more »

Landie's Life Has Had A Complete Turnaround After She Lost 50kg

Landie I had been overweight my whole life and tried every diet there possibly is. I even started a detox diet with a friend to support her and I lost 3kg in just 3 days but when I introduced other foods bac... more »

Erie Lost 50kg and It Has Changed Her Life

Erie Lost 50kg and It Has Changed Her Life My doctor suggested I look into Cohen's Lifestyle Clinic as I had a bladder condition which was aggravated by my weight which was 120kg. I looked into Cohen's and decided that I really needed to chang... more »

Russell Lost 40kgs And Is So Much Happier

Russell Lost 40kgs And Is So Much Happier A family history of heart disease and general concern for my health were the impetus to finally do something about my weight. My wife and I had been talking about it for months and after seeing the ad... more »

Con Lost 47kg in 6 months

Con Lost 47kg in 6 months It is great to have an over abundance of energy instead of being lethargic as I was before. I was not always overweight in fact I was probably underweight at around 65kgs when I was in my early 20's. ... more »