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I just want to say that I saw a report on telly about this program and a doctor was saying its dange... more »

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Weight Loss Success Stories

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In 10 Short Weeks Krishna Achieved His Goal

In 10 Short Weeks Krishna Achieved His Goal I tried many methods of losing weight for years; from skipping meals through to taking health drinks and everything in between, only to be disappointed as I was unsuccessful with my weight loss. F... more »

Peter's Transformation In Just 12 Weeks Is Incredible

Peter I have never been on a diet in my life, however following surgery last year and an injury I could not exercise and my weight increased to the highest it has ever been. When I went to the initial Cohe... more »

Christelle and Robert's Journey to Happiness

Christelle and Robert I used to be a healthy, slim person when I was younger. My husband and I decided to go through IVF treatment and completed a number of cycles. Unfortunately, the treatments were not successful and thi... more »

Jaco Has Lost 59 kgs!

Jaco Has Lost 59 kgs! I have always struggled to keep my weight under control. It started a further downward spiral when we immigrated to Australia almost two years ago and this took its toll on my emotions and an ever-pre... more »

Peter Lost An Amazing 70 kgs

Peter Lost An Amazing 70 kgs I wanted to say how grateful I am for the 'new me' which I have achieved with the help of my consultant Michele and Dr Cohen's Program. I have dropped a massive 70 kilograms over 9 months and I am LOV... more »

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