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8kgs in 4 weeks - and on the half way mark to my goal. Anyone who is thiking about doing this diet ... more »
- Delighted woman, Albany WA

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Robert Lost 28kgs in 4 Months

Rob Before Diet: 115kgs Rob After Diet: 87kgs

I started on the program on the 14th of October 2002 and focused on the 9 weeks up to Christmas. I lost 7kg in my first week going from 115kgs to 108kgs. Within 3 weeks I could no longer fit into all my old clothes as I had lost over 11kgs. The week before Christmas only nine weeks later I had weighed in at 95kg and was happy that I had lost 20kgs. I went through the Christmas period with a few bumps such as beer and a small helping of plum pudding for the celebrations with family and the effect was I didn't lose any weight on those days. After New Year got back to being totally focused, now only having to lose a further 6kgs to be at my goal weight of 87kgs.

It only took me until February to achieve this and in fact once on the refeeding it was not until the middle of March 2003 that I stopped losing weight going as low as 83kg. I have now balanced out having maintained the balance between fun and moderation and stay around the 87kg mark. I can say that I never thought I could eat the veggies that I eat today as I hated anything green but now I can't get enough of them. It has now been six months since I became a thin person and everything in my life is so different and much more enjoyable. Best of all my kids aren't ashamed of me anymore.

Give it a go you have everything to lose!



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