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- Single Mum - Melbourne

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Lindsey Shed 58kg and 6 Dress Sizes

Ask me how I feel today and I will tell you that I now feel like I should have felt when I was 20, but didn't. I NOW FEEL YOUNG!

My life, from around the age of around 10 years old, revolved around food. If I wasn't over eating, I was dieting, with one thing remaining consistent, I was always over weight. This would vary from just a little overweight to an awfully unhealthy amount. I had never been an age appropriate weight and had never been able to shop in a 'non plus size' clothing shop.

I had always loved to exercise, and when I joined my local gym I started to feel better. My health definitely improved and I loved my mornings with my Personal Trainer, however my "hand to mouth disease" was still letting me down.

My light bulb moment happened in October 2011, at 124kgs. I had finally found the right eating plan by Cohen's Lifestyle Clinic, got my head in the right space and really embraced my fitness... and I stuck with it all.

Over the following 33 weeks I shed 58 kilograms and 6 dress sizes. I won't say I "lost" those kilos and dress sizes as I never want to find them again!

Thanks to sticking with my lifestyle change, I now head straight to the size 10 clothes rack (what an exhilarating feeling) and I have a fitness age far lower than my 42 years. I am doing things I never thought I would be able to do, and wearing fashions I would never have dreamt of, there's nothing holding me back now!

Best of all, I look forward to being with my husband, who has supported me through "thick and thin" and is my rock (then, now and always), for a very long time.

I have a whole new life ahead of me and I plan to embrace it, hold on tight and enjoy the ride!


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