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- Nicky (Adelaide)

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Kim Lost 32kgs in 20wks

My weight problem started just after I had my hysterectomy at the age of 42, prior to that I had always weighed around 57 - 60 kg. Because I had always been fairly slim I didn't see the weight coming on. Within four years of having my hysterectomy I had gained about 20kg. I just thought my hormones were not working properly anymore so I started going to the gym, had a personal trainer and did everything I could do get the weight off but nothing moved. Sure I gained muscle but I was still fat so I guess at that stage I just accepted that I would be fat forever. I had what I call fatorexia. I looked in the mirror and saw a smiling face looking back and didn't bother to look at the rest of my body. I knew I was fat I just didn't realise how fat, I dont think my mind ever caught up with the fact that I no longer had the same body. I still shake my head in amazement that I could have been that blind.

One day I was outside gardening and I noticed a different person in my neighbour's yard and thought maybe Susie's sister was visiting. I called out hi and when she answered I realised it was Susie herself and she was slim. It had been a couple of months since I had caught up with her so I was amazed at the transformation in such a short time and asked what she had done. The next half hour was taken up talking about Cohens.

Now remember I didn't realise how fat I was and thought I could probably lose a couple of kilos, so my next move was to go onto the web site and check out what Cohen's was all about. Within 24 hours of speaking with my neighbour I had phoned the closest clinic and had them fax all of the details to me. I had the blood test the next day and received my program through the mail within a week. There was no clinic in Darwin at the time so I did my program through the Perth clinic. Within 10 days of starting my program everything was different. I looked at my before photos properly and saw just how big I had become I felt lighter, happier, far more confident and I knew that the old me was coming back and I could not wait. On day 10 I rang the Perth clinic and asked if I could open a clinic in Darwin. The answer was that I had to finish my program first so that is what I did.

Five years later I am still at my goal weight and own and run the Cohen's Lifestyle Clinic in Darwin. I know I could be fat again if I didn't remain conscious of what I eat, I also know that I have chosen to make this a Lifestyle change and to use the tools I have been given to help me stay slim.

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