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I had always been a BIG girl and at my heaviest I was 150 kilograms and a size 24. When I heard abou... more »
- Working Mother of Two Teenagers - Perth, Western Australia

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Keith Went From 120kgs to 88kgs

I would like to thank Dr Cohen and the Cohen's Lifestyle Clinic team for not just giving me the tools to lose the weight I so badly needed to lose, but also the life long tools to keep my weight normal. I also have the ability at any time in the future to lose the few kilograms that I may put on whilst on those holidays that the weight seems to sneak up on you.

I have a good understanding now as to why I put the weight on and so relieved that I got below what was looking like an impossible weight barrier of 100kg!!! The added benefit has been that I was able to get my blood pressure back to normal and as you can see, I now fit into my family kilt that just would not fit before! Thank you again Cohen's!

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