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Judy's Now Feels Slim and Healthy With Lots Of Energy

I had been struggling with my weight for many years and had tried many different ways to lose weight but due to emotional eating problems I always failed and my weight just kept going up. I got to 90 kilograms and felt horrible and hated having my photo taken. I used to 'live to eat' not 'eat to live'!

A visit to my doctor who decided to weigh me and talk to me about other health problems associated with being overweight quickly kicked my mind into weight loss mode. I did a lot of research as I did not just want to go on any diet. I did not actually want a diet, I wanted a 'way of life'. A way I could eat for the rest of my life that was clean, healthy and good for me.

I have a friend who had lost 55 kilograms on the Cohen's Weight Loss Program and she looked great. I spoke with her about it and did my own research. The timing was right as I was going to go and visit her so I made an appointment at the Cohen's Weight Loss Clinic in her town as there is no clinic in my home town. I signed up and on arrival home had my blood test and got started. I corresponded by email with my personal consultant.

I loved it from Day 1. I found it very easy to follow and did not have any problems. I loved the food and found that by nourishing my body with this good food in the right quantities for me and drinking plenty of water that I had heaps of energy and felt great! Each week the weight just fell off me. I followed my personal Eating Plan 100% without any deviations at all. I planned ahead at all times and if I had to go out I either ate at home before I went out or took my own food. I did not let this bother me as it is my choice what I put into my body.

I did not feel deprived by not eating what others were eating. I got through Christmas and New Year and this is the time that I would usually let loose and eat whatever I liked and put on weight. Instead I lost weight over Christmas! I went away on a family holiday during my plan and I remained positive and focused at all times and made sure I was organised with my food. During this time I also worked on my emotional eating and found ways to overcome the bad habits I had created previously. It has taken time to break old habits but I have finally succeeded.

The Cohen's Weight Loss Plan is great and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight fast and eat healthy. I am now on maintenance and the feeling of being slim and healthy with lots of energy far outweighs any need to overeat or eat the wrong types of food. I am now eating to live and my body loves me for it and rewards me with lots of energy everyday. I eat similar to how I ate on my personal Eating Plan but with more choices and bigger quantities.

I can tell you now that "Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels". This is my motto!

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