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Jason Lost an Unbelievable 64.2kgs!

Jason Before Jason After Weight Loss

My name is Jason Kirk; I am 33 years old and in January of 2009 weighed a massive 150.3kgs. Yes I was morbidly obese, and being happily married with 3 children, knew the time had come to take control of my life.

I had heard of the Cohen's Diet, through a work college who had achieved fantastic results some 3 years earlier. After some research on the internet, I was convinced that through Dr Cohen's I could turn my weight and life around.

What impressed me the most was I would be eating REAL food NOT "shakes or magic pills", it just had to be weighed out and in the correct weight and order. Also I would not be punishing myself with hours of exercise that would have been hard in the state my body was in.

So on the 20th of January my moment of truth had arrived and I started my journey to unearth the real Jason Kirk, who had been hiding in an unhappy, unfit, tired, snoring, depressed (I never showed this) world.

Discipline and organisation was the key to my success, as Dr Cohen says, "your food is your medicine and you need to take it as directed". I must admit that over my 26 week journey I followed my "medicine" 100% to every last gram. I lost an unbelievable 64.2kg and I am sure you will agree that the results are amazing.

I also travel a lot for work (1 to 3 nights away from home a week) so as being prepared was paramount to my success, but when you see the results and the positive comments from friends and family, you can't help but stay motivated and strive for your ultimate goal weight.

Today I am now back playing football, and enjoying the freedom of playing with my children like I have never done before, and trust me this is a great feeling. My wife also loves the fact I DO NOT snore anymore, and is forever thankful to Dr Cohen.

Being able to walk into any clothes store and buy a "normal" piece of clothing is also very satisfying, no more 6XL for me!!!!! I look forward to spending a summer entertaining our friends and children around our new pool in a trendy pair of board shorts!!!!

Finally to anyone who is thinking of taking the same journey that I have undertaken over the last 6 months, stop procrastinating and sign up today. Get a fresh, healthy, slim body and start enjoying all those little things in life that you have been unable to do.

Thanks for your help and support over the last 6 months team Cohen's.


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