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- Miss Happy Victoria

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Jason Lost 40kgs in Only 16 Weeks

Before Diet: 125kgs After: 85kgs

Dear Rosemary and Dr Cohen's team,

When I heard about, and saw, the great results other people had achieved through Dr Cohen's diet, I decided it was time to do something about my weight. Although I was a little bit scared and daunted at the process before me I made the decision of a lifetime and regained my true self.

On the 13th of July I started my program and although, at first, it was difficult to break from "old habits", I stuck to it and made invaluable lifestyle and habit changes on the way. Sixteen weeks later, I had shed 40kg (125kg to 85kg) � or as my friends say, "I lost two bags of cement"! I lost 31cm off my waist, 25cm off my hips and 23cm off my chest.

Not only did this program help me to loose all this weight, it also helped me create new habits (and break old ones). These habits include taking my lunch, a chicken salad to work, which has saved me lots of money (not mention the money I have saved from not buying the odd treat or 10, here and there). I will maintain these habits and integrate them into my "new" lifestyle.

I still can't believe how dramatic the effects were and how fast it worked. I would still have been delighted if took twice as long. Dr Cohen's Program was the greatest thing I have done for myself.

My friends and family are impressed and proud of my weight loss and I am looking forward to surprising my mum in Melbourne who doesn't know I have lost weight. I'm sure she'll be impressed!

Please find attached some before and after photos so you can see the great results I achieved through the program. I know that anyone thinking about doing the program, who are serious about the commitment, will not be disappointed and I wish them every success.

Once again, thank you Dr Cohen, Rosemary and team at the clinic. I have appreciated all the support you have given me throughout the program. I will definitely recommend your program to anyone that asks me "what was your secret?"!

Thanks again,


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