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I have been on the Cohen's Program for 6 weeks now and I have lost 8 kilograms, as well as 30 centim... more »
- 28 year old Gal - Perth, Western Australia

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Debbie Lost 29kg in 26wks


When my good friend introduced me to Cohen's and encouraged me to learn more, I must admit I was a little sceptical. I thought I had lost the ability to have any self-control and I had started telling people I had pretty much given up on the idea of losing weight. I thought I was over 40 and had resigned myself into becoming a jolly old grandma one day with a very ample lap!

As it didn't cost anything to attend the information evening I thought I had nothing to lose, (and maybe, just maybe, a lot to gain!) From the moment I learned the facts about the program, and the science behind it, I began feeling quite hopeful. Maybe I had this medical condition? It all just made sense. I signed up that very night!

I have been over weight since I can remember and been on most diets since. I even attended a dietician at the age of 10. Mum says I seemed to get fat overnight at the age of 3. Perhaps this marked the beginning of my condition?

Yes, this program involves commitment. It is prescriptive (how much), directive (when), descriptive (of what), and controlled (rules to follow). Some foods and drinks are eliminated for the duration of your weight loss, too. I thought about this, as you hear a lot of advice about weight loss. One is that if you eliminate foods, you might binge and that deprivation might cause you to become unmotivated. For me this just wasn't true! Something that helped me to rationalise the plan was that I had been happy to eliminate foods and alcohol during my pregnancies and breast feeding. It seemed I could do it for my children, surely then I could do it for myself!

I still can't really believe it! I started in October 2010 and I lost 29kg in 26 weeks. I have never lost weight that quickly! For the first time ever, I sit in the lower range of a healthy weight. I stayed motivated because I lost nearly a kilo a week, never plateauing once. I didn't exercise but the weight just fell off. I was the typical pear shape. A size 16/18 bottom and size 14/16 top. Now I am a size 8 bottom and a size 8/10 top. I have lost my pear shape, huge legs and a lot of cellulite! I still have to pinch myself when shop assistants pick out 'smalls' for me to try on, even when they haven't asked my size!

I had some goals that kept me motivated: I wanted to fit back into my favourite brand of bras (only go to a size 14). I wanted to update my family photos, feeling attractive in them. I wanted to enjoy shopping for clothes and fit into a wide range of styles. I really wanted to do Zumba but I was embarrassed about the way I looked.

Well I have achieved all four! I actually got my family photo done on my birthday in March! I have a lot of new clothes (and bras). I have joined Zumba and loving it! In fact I'm becoming a fitness queen! I am maintaining my weight around 54kg. It is pretty easy and I do have a wide range of foods that I now regularly eat!

The best bit is that I already know of people I have motivated into losing their weight. One of my work colleagues is disappearing in front of me (through Cohen's), and I am so proud of her! Maybe reading this might motivate you, too! You do need to put in the effort to reap this reward, but isn't this true of most of life's achievements?

If you follow and commit to this Lifestyle you won't believe how easily and quickly your weight will drop off. You CAN do it!!

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