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- Pumeza - South Africa

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Alison Feels Like a New Woman After Losing 45kgs

I had battled with my weight all my life. At times it would balloon out and other times I was able to control it. I had tried other programs but nothing really helped me get down to my goal weight. I hurt my ankle playing tennis and wasn't able to continue exercising to control my weight, so I was left on the couch feeling very sorry for myself. I tried to eat better and less foods but nothing was working, my weight just kept going up. I finally got to a point where I hated looking at myself in the mirror... the reflection I saw was someone much older and too fat for my liking. I hated shopping for clothes, nothing would fit and when I did find something to fit, I felt old and frumpy. I no longer wanted to go out and socialise as I knew I'd have nothing to wear that made me look good. This is when I had had enough and realised It was now or never and I had to do something about it!! A friend of mine had joined up to do the Cohen's program, and when I saw and heard about the results she was having from her program, I decided this might just be for me!

I went along to one of the free information sessions and found out about the Cohen's program and how it all worked. I then set my mind straight and joined; I have never looked back! I lost 45 kilograms in 7 months. Not only did the program help me lose all the weight, but it also taught me good eating habits which I use for my new lifestyle. I learned a lot about myself while doing the program, I found I had a lot of bad habits which I never knew about, like my boredom eating which I have now learned to control! I have easily maintained my weight now for 2 years because I made the lifestyle changes that the program has taught me.

My family and friends are so proud of my success and the constant guidance and support from the Cohen's team helped me right through to my goal. I never thought I'd get to my end goal but I'm so proud to have achieved that, it was one of the easiest weight loss programs I have ever done.

It has taken me a while to get used to the new me. I had to update and change my wardrobe dramatically! I have now found my old love of shopping! My health has improved, as I did have high blood pressure before I started the program, I sleep better, have more energy and just love life. My new look has given me more confidence, I'm no longer the girl sitting in the corner not wanting to be noticed, instead I feel great and can't stop smiling. The program has made a huge difference to my life... I feel like a new woman!

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