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Simple Ways to Tackle The Supermarket

Simple Ways to Tackle The Supermarket

With all the options available at the local supermarket, it sure can be confusing to figure out the best foods to choose. We are bombarded with so many choices of different foods to buy and it can be hard to make an informed decision. Here are some tips to help you:

Shop The Perimeter
The simplest solution is to buy as much of your food as close to how it comes in nature. For example, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, grass fed organic meats, wild fish, whole grains and low fat dairy. You will usually find all of these foods by shopping the perimeter (with the exception of the frozen fruits and vegetables, most of these foods will be found on the outer circle of the supermarket).

Beware of the Processed Middle
It is the centre aisles with packaged and processed foods where things get tricky! For example, because of the excess carbs from grains and sugars, apple muffins are not the ideal way to get your apples. So instead, grab fresh apples while shopping the outer perimeter of the store. Another example is processed meat pies - tough to find any real meat under all that salt, corn syrup, starch and preservatives. Even better is to shop the fresh meat section and avoid those processed foods all together. Another middle aisle weight buster are the breakfast cereals claiming to be healthy for you. In a lot of cases, the box it comes in is more nutritious than the cereal! Be sure to continue to eat the way Dr Cohen has taught you whilst on your Eating Plan and you will maintain your weight loss easily.

Common Tricks to Avoid
Here are some claims that should raise big flags for you:

  • Products labelled ‘fat-free’ or ‘sugar-free’: These foods likely contain added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Even ‘reduced calorie’ foods play this trick. While the total calories per serving may be lower, these foods can shift your food cravings into overdrive, causing you to eventually eat more.
  • All Natural: Just because a product is labelled ‘all natural’ does not mean it is good for you. A lot of people see this on the package and forget to read the label. When you read the label pay extra attention to the sugar, carbohyrdrate and fat content.
  • Pre-packaged ‘diet’ snacks: These are all the rage these days and no one eats just one. The result is over eating daily - Before you know it, you have eaten three or four packs of these ‘diet’ snacks and wonder why you are gaining weight. Better to pass on these and reach for wholesome snacks if need be, such as a piece of fruit, some crispbreads or some form of protein like a hard cheese.

You have worked so hard to take steps towards your goal, use what Dr Cohen has taught you and continue to eat in a healthy way keeping your hormones and weight balanced.

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