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Set Attainable Weight Loss Goals

Set Attainable Weight Loss Goals

Many people discuss the issue of goal setting but it is easier said than done. Without goals and time frames, your lifestyle change will happen only when you feel like it or when it is convenient. Without having something to work towards, you will also be less motivated.

You are more likely to be consistent if you have a goal in mind. This is the secret to losing weight! Sure you will look the same tomorrow and even the next day but you must make losing weight a passion until your goals are met.

While setting goals for yourself, it is best to create small goals that ultimately lead up to your one large goal. Don't make them too easy or you won't work as hard. And don't make them too hard or you will become discouraged. Set short-term goals for yourself and write them down. Take a few minutes and really think about them. Write your ultimate goal down last; be specific. There is no greater motivation than seeing your weight loss goals fulfilled before your eyes! Picture how you would like to look in your mind. And then decide what it will take on your part to get there. Be realistic with your goals.

Look around you. People who look good and are healthy have worked for it. There is no way around it. That is why goals and staying focused are so important. Without goals you will have a much harder time becoming focused!

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