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Say Goodbye To Cravings

Say Goodbye To Cravings

Why are some foods so hard to resist?                  

Why is it that we crave chocolate and hot chips and never cauliflower? And why is it so hard to stop at just one bite?

Some foods really are irresistible. Even when we are aware of the health risks of eating too many over processed foods like biscuits, lollies, fast foods, salty snacks and soft drinks. So why do we keep consuming them?

Many of these foods are high in fat, sugar, salt and low in fiber. They also have a high glycemic load – meaning they are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream creating high spikes in blood sugar, which is the link to ‘addictive – like’ eating. Areas in the brain, hippocampus, insula and caudate appear activated during food craving episodes, which are all part of the pleasure senses and memory areas associating specific foods with rewards. There are also other factors to do with emotions and desires as food cravings arise to satisfy emotional needs, such as calming stress and reducing anxiety.

While some foods cause the brain to release feel good chemicals, junk food usually requires a lot less chewing than whole foods so it goes down a lot quicker and easier, they have intense moreish flavours and can leave the taste buds longing for more. They also override our innate 'I have had enough' senses. Adding salt to fatty foods can also suppress the body’s satiety mechanism which encourages us to over eat.


Out of sight out of mind! Remove it from the house or put it away somewhere so you don’t see it all the time.

Make better wholefood choices. If you are cravings something sweet, try an apple, add some cinnamon to it and bake or microwave it!

Don’t let yourself get too hungry. Be sure to eat your three meals a day and never skip a meal.  Also try too stick to regular meal times, have a snack in between a meal or keep sipping water!

Start a cravings journal. Keep a journal for a month, list the times of the day you have cravings, emotions you are feeling at the time, the foods you crave and why and how much you ate. Look back at your journal, ask yourself if there is a pattern, such as certain times of day when you tend to experience food cravings, or emotions or situations that bring them on.

Add cinnamon to your day. Cinnamon has an anti-diabetic effect which helps to lower blood sugar levels and keep them more stable during the day.

Supplement with Magnesium and Chromium. These minerals help to keep blood sugar levels more stable and can help you push through those cravings! Chromium can help control blood sugar level and convert glucose into energy and Magnesium is essential for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels because it helps your body convert carbs into energy.

Put a plan into place and don't let food be the boss of you anymore!

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