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Quick Facts About Vitamin E

Quick Facts About Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin found in many foods, fats and oils. People who cannot absorb fat properly may develop vitamin E deficiency. Symptoms of serious vitamin E deficiency include: muscle weakness, loss of muscle mass, abnormal eye movements, vision problems and unsteady walking. A deficiency that lasts a long time may also cause liver and kidney problems.

Vitamin E has been linked with healthy skin but there are many more benefits.  It works in synergy with vitamin C to help mop up free radicals throughout the body. Vitamin E plays a vital role in protecting the heart from damage. It causes dilation of the blood vessels so that more blood gets through and is an effective inhibitor of clots. A deficiency of this vitamin will lower oxygen levels and increase the formation of free radicals. This is very important for athletes as a shortage of vitamin E can result in a 40% reduction in endurance capacity.

As a supplement for ageing, vitamin E can bring about a disappearance of wrinkles. It can also increase strength and stamina, improve sleep patterns and has even turned grey hair back to normal. Vitamin E also protects vitamin A from being used up. It protects the B vitamins and vitamin C from oxidation in the digestive tract and it also enhances the action of the antioxidant activity of both selenium and the amino acid cysteine. Vitamin E has also been shown to help to prevent diabetes.

Foods that contain a significant amount of vitamin E include: eggs, mayonnaise, cold-pressed vegetable oils including olive and canola, dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, as well as asparagus. You can also take a vitamin E supplement. It is usually available in soft gels, tablets, capsules or topical oils.

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