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Make A Decision And Focus

Make A Decision And Focus
  • Keep your focus on things that are useful

The things that you dwell on in your conscious mind, grow in your experience, so the key to success is to focus your conscious mind on the things you desire, not the things you may fear. This is very important and sometimes clients do not grasp the full extent of it. When your focus is split and you fill your mind with a normal amount of negativity or dwell on times that you slipped up with your Eating Plan, you are using up valuable time, energy and available focus to pull yourself backwards and to make mountains out of molehills. Problems will seem to become even bigger in your mind than they actually are, because you are dwelling on them.

However, opportunities and gratitude work in the same way if you dwell on them. What you focus on is what you will see in your reality (opportunities vs more reasons why “you are never going to get there”). What you dwell on becomes bigger and bigger in your mind and what you think about is what you will act upon. That is why it is so important to keep your focus and your thoughts in the right place and on the positive and useful things in your life as much as you can. If you focus on the negative and irrelevant stuff it is quite likely that you never will reach your goal.

  • Ask yourself helpful questions

It can be helpful to ask yourself two questions after every difficult situation you face: "What did I do that was right?" and "What would I do differently next time?" The questions you ask yourself in life will determine much of your outlook and success. If you ask negative questions like "What is bad about this situation?" then you are creating a lot of unhappiness and victim thinking. If you on the other hand keep it to useful and empowering questions, then your chances of succeeding and reaching your goal will go up.

  • Focus on the activities that bring you results

There are a lot of people who perform activities that are tension relieving, rather than goal achieving. You may like to just take it easy or relieve tension, but you end up creating more of it by procrastinating and complaining instead of doing. It seems easier on the surface but in the long run it tends to cause you more disappointment. Of course, you must take time to relax, but find a good and helpful balance for the two aspects of life and the best ways and most positive ways to relieve tension. You could take up meditation in some form or watch a good movie or just read a magazine or newspaper.

  • Make a decision and do something

Decisiveness is a great characteristic and usually any decision is better than no decision at all. It is one of the most fundamental things that hold clients back. Sitting on your hands and hoping that someone else will do something for you usually results in a lot of waiting. Just make a decision and take the first step. The sky will most likely not fall if you fail or have a few hick ups along the way - You may just feel bad for a short while and learn a few things by asking some simple questions. Then you make a new decision based on what you have learned and take action again!

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