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Learn To Chill Out When You Feel Overwhelmed

Learn To Chill Out When You Feel Overwhelmed

When life just gets too busy, whether it is at work, with the family, university or just everything in general, it can be very easy to from time to time fall into a couple of negative headspaces - such as feeling overwhelmed, victim thinking or just plain pessimistic. This type of thinking makes life and following your Eating Plan even more difficult! It is very important to get yourself out of such destructive inner places so you can continue on with your new healthier lifestyle.

  • Release The Stress

Work out what you need to do to release stress and inner tension. It may be going for a walk around the block, doing a few stretches and breathing exercises or writing down how you are feeling in a journal and then putting it away. If you are feeling whiny or pessimistic then maybe just take 25 minutes as soon as you can to do an activity to take the pressure off. This one step will most often work to make you feel stronger and better emotionally once again.

  • Shift To A Healthier Perspective

If releasing the stress only works a bit, then move on to changing the way you are thinking. If you are feeling overwhelmed and hung up on a small to medium sized detail of something, ask yourself a question like: “Will this matter 5 years from now?” This will usually help you see that it does not and that it is a very small deal in the long run.

If you fall into victim thinking, ask yourself: “Does someone have it worse on the planet?” Of course, so we should probably just chill out and snap out of the ‘poor, poor me’ thoughts.

If you get irritated or angry at someone else, ask yourself: “How would I think and feel if I were in their shoes?” Putting yourself in the other person's shoes will help you to gain a more levelheaded mood and better perspective to solve a situation practically or to let it go. Instead of building a molehill into Mount Everest in your head.

  • Time Out To Focus Fully

If the first two steps do not bring you fully around, take time out! For half an hour to and hour, you might like to watch a fun comedy and just laugh some time away or lie down on the couch to read a book or magazine. It is very important to take this time to basically single-task and just focus on such relaxing and fully absorbing the activity 100%. This will work wonders and you will be able to get back ‘life’ with a relaxed and optimistic mindset again. So find the activities that you get fully absorbed in - some sport, a walk, swimming perhaps or playing a game - and take a fully focused break when needed.

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