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Guilty As Charged

Guilty As Charged

We are all guilty of breaking "weight-loss rules" from time to time. It comes with being human. The important thing is that we learn from our mistakes. Label them as experience, put them behind us and keep working towards our goal.

I will start again next week

You decided that you wanted to start living a healthy lifestyle when you signed up for your Cohen's Lifestyle Clinic Program. Sure, but it is Thursday. Might as well wait and start fresh on a Monday, right? Wrong. It is all too easy to put off that initial move, but chances are if you wait until Monday, you will only be met by another excuse. The trick is to start today. It could be just sticking to your three main meals and the correct foods, or making sure you drink at least 2 litres of water through the day. At least take small steps to instigate action now and you are on your way. Remember every journey starts with a single step. Today is the day!

I went for a walk, so now I can eat something extra

Unfortunately, working out does not give you a pass to eat whatever you want. It will help get your heart rate up, but you will not see significant fat loss because of it and it may leave you feeling tired and hungry. Instead of exercising and sitting down to a larger serve of food, enjoy your 'food as medicine' and watch the fat melt away - it is that easy!

I gave in to my chocolate craving

Lapse does not mean collapse. The worst thing you can do is use it as an excuse to write the day off. A whole day of deviations may lead to weight gain, cravings and not being able to get back on track as easily. Instead, make sure your very next meal is perfect and focus on your goal. You can then continue on to achieve it.

I have not lost weight in a week - I may as well give up

Almost everybody who is losing weight experiences plateaus from time to time. Instead of feeling disheartened, reflect on the weight you have lost and the centimeters you are losing. Measure yourself each week as it is a much better indication of fat loss when your body is doing its maintenance and reshaping. Only weigh yourself once every 4 weeks and concentrate on how you are looking and feeling. If you are diligent and continue on, you will achieve your goal!

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