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Get Rid Of That Bad Habit

Get Rid Of That Bad Habit

We all have a few habits that we may consider bad and that we would like to get rid of. Here are some tips that may help you to finally do that once and for all.

Tell your friends and family

If you tell people around you that you will stop eating junk food or that you are going to lose weight, they will check up on you. You will feel a social pressure to keep up with your promise because you have told others. Only tell the people who you think will be supportive, as negative people will make things so much more difficult.

Make it painful to not go through with it

This is an idea that may not be for everyone, but you may like to consider making a deal with someone. For example, if you do not follow your Eating Plan 100%, then you will give your friend 200 dollars. This will add some possible pain to keep yourself on track during those days when you may feel a bit tempted.

Listen to those who have achieved what you want to achieve

Not to people who have no real idea about what your challenge entails. It is important to get the best advice that actually works in real life. Seek it out in people around you, your consultant, in the best books on the topic and on blogs and forums that seem reliable.

What will this lead to in the future? 

See your future self clearly in your mind. Where are you going? Towards a heart attack, serious illness or severe restrictions in your future? Do you want go to that place where it is very likely that you will wind up if you don't make a change? Then see your future self where you have made the positive change. 

What positive and awesome things has it brought you in 5 years and in 10 years? See it all in your mind. And remind yourself of the positive and negative consequences by writing them down and reviewing them whenever you feel like quitting and going back to your old ways.

Avoid temptations

Be aware of what usually triggers your bad habit. Places where you are likely to eat junk food. Things in your cupboard that will not help you to get healthier and you should not have at home at all or certain people that drag you down and back into your old ways.

Replace it

If you stop doing one thing then it can leave a vacuum in your life. It is easier to not relapse if you replace that space with a new habit. If you had chips and chocolate at home to snack on, then have fruits and crispbreads to snack on when you feel the cravings. If you stopped eating when you were bored, replace that habit and space with reading more books, phoneing a friend, going for a walk or joining an evening class.

Remove habits all in time

It may seem like a good idea to overhaul your life all at once. When regular life, stress and lack of energy interfere it usually leads to failure. Don't try to be Superman or Wonder Woman. Take it easy and change one habit at a time to dramatically increase the odds of real life success.

Don't make a huge deal out of it

If you think about it and talk about it all the time then it will feel like a huge deal to get rid of that habit. This will make each day much harder mentally and you may feel overwhelmed. Instead, keep it simple and realise that whatever habit you want to get rid of thousands if not millions of people have done so before. 

Things do get tough from time to time, but there is no need to create a lot of extra drama around it and in the long run make things more difficult than they need to be.

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