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All Natural

All Natural

Yoghurt has taken over the dairy section in most supermarkets! It is understandable though, because it has so many great health benefits. Yoghurt was one of the very first health foods and it is still one of the best! Plain natural yoghurt is produced by fermenting pasteurized milk. It is rich in potassium and protein, high in calcium needed to build healthy bones, supplies the B vitamins and folic acid which help build a healthy blood supply and contains friendly bacteria which can assist in keeping a healthy gut.

Natural yoghurt is a good source of protein. Usually the less fat it contains, the higher the protein content. Fat free natural yoghurt contains approximately 13 grams of protein per cup, low fat natural yoghurt contains approximately 12 grams per cup and whole milk natural yoghurt contains about 8 grams per cup.

Natural yoghurt is an excellent source of calcium. One cup of plain, low fat natural yoghurt contains approximately 450mg of calcium. Some of the calcium in natural yoghurt is in the liquid whey that sometimes separates out from the solid portion of yoghurt. To get all the calcium provided by a serving of plain natural yoghurt, it is important to stir the liquid and solid portions together.

Natural yoghurt is a good source of the B vitamins riboflavin, B12 and pantothenic acid and it also provides some thiamin, B6 and folate. These B vitamins play an essential role in energy metabolism and the maintenance of healthy skin and other organs throughout your body.

Yoghurt can work as a substitute ingredient in all sorts of recipes. Plain natural yoghurt can take the place of sour cream and you can also substitute yoghurt for some of the oil or butter called for in some baking recipes. Plain natural yoghurt is great as a dessert with some chopped fruit – think strawberries and cream!

If you want to create your own flavoured yoghurt, start with your favourite plain natural yogurt and stir in all sorts of foods and flavours. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add chopped strawberries and a dash of vanilla extract to some plain natural yoghurt to make strawberries and cream yoghurt
  • Add some crushed pineapple and some flaked or shredded coconut to some plain natural yoghurt to make pina colada yoghurt
  • Add a small amount of cool espresso or extra strong coffee to some plain yoghurt to make cappuccino yoghurt
  • Add some chopped orange segments or mandarin and some artificial sweetener to some plain natural yoghurt to make orange burst yoghurt

The health benefits of yoghurt are so impressive that many health conscious people make it a daily habit. You should too!

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