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Advice After A Mistake

Advice After A Mistake

Don't be disappointed in yourself! Put it behind you. Today is a new day and you should look forward, not back. You can not undo what has already happened but you can do it right in the future!

  • Acknowledge your initial slip
    Tell yourself, "Okay, I shouldn't have eaten that... I made a mistake."
  • Recommit yourself to your Eating Plan
    Read your Eating Plan carefully and make sure you are clear about why you want to lose weight.
  • Draw a symbolic line
    Say, "Here is the line, right here, where I stop this unplanned eating".  Mark this line by brushing your teeth, going for a walk or engaging in some non-eating activity.
  • Give yourself credit for stopping – at any point
    You need to give yourself some slack for being human and making a mistake. We all make mistakes.
  • Watch out for feelings of failure or helplessness
    Look back at your successes and say, "I can do that again".
  • Continue on your Eating Plan normally
    Don't try to make up for your mistake by missing out on any of your daily allowances.
  • Learn from your mistake
    Use this mistake as an opportunity for learning.

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